Petrol Containers/LPG Cylinder Stowage

The following is taken from the Boat Safety Scheme (

Spare petrol containers must be stored in the open where any leaked petrol would flow overboard unimpeded, or in a suitable locker. Any locker used to store spare petrol must be:

· drained to the outside from the bottom; and,

· secure and constructed of a material of the required thickness, in good condition; and,

· free from objects that could block the drain, damage the petrol container or cause petrol vapour to ignite; and,

· fuel-tight to an equal or greater height that the top of the cap for the petrol container; and,

· self-draining and the drain hole must have a minimum internal

· diameter of 12mm (1/2 in) and must not be blocked; and,

· the locker must not open into any engine, battery or electrical equipment space; and,

· the drain line material including connections must be complete and in good condition.